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Introducing the ‘My Bookshelf’ Series

In the following weeks I want to write reviews about the programming and technology related books sitting on my bookshelf. You can find an up to date list of these books here, where I will also link the corresponding Blog Post.

There are several goals I try to accomplish with this series:

  • Recapitulate gained knowledge, focusing on the most crucial aspects
  • Keeping track of what books I do have but didn’t have time to read yet
  • A Wishlist of Books I plan to buy, mostly focused on those areas I want to enrich my knowledge
  • Provide a ‘get started on a topic’ list for others

I think the format will be something like:

  • Title, Author, Pages, ISBN, Picture, Amazon link
  • Short Summary of Content
  • Most important thing i learned
  • What did I like? What not?
  • Conclusion, good accompanying books
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