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Frankfurt Marathon 2009

0n 25th of October 2009 I have finished my first Marathon (42,195 Km).

After retiring from rowing after 2009 Season in July, I decided to try Triathlon for the next year. I knew I’d be going crazy without sports, you just can’t stop it after 5 years of daily training. For Triathlon I bought a nice De Rosa racing bike, so biking and strength training was what I did since  I took off 4 weeks to decompress.

I didn’t intend to run the Frankfurt Marathon this year, but rather run my first Marathon in early 2010 and do the “half-Ironman” at Wiesbaden in summer 2010 when I will be just out of school. It turns out my uncle had registered for Frankfurt Marathon 2009 but couldn’t start for health reasons, so he asked me if I wanted to take over his registration. That was on the weekend before. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it, my last running exercises where almost a year ago and I hadn’t done much endurance training the last few weeks. So exactly 7 days before start, I tested the half-marathon and was able to pass under 2 hours easily. That gave me confidence to agree on starting at Frankfurt Marathon 2009.

FM2009_StartI was confident enough to target a time sub 4 hours. I passed km 21 exactly at 01:59:00, meeting my fan club.FM2009_KM21FM2009_Fans

I was perfectly on schedule and feeling well considering the circumstances. But after crossing the Main down at Frankfurt Höchst (800m long bridge, 15m absolute difference in height) I felt a sudden pain in the back, breaking my rhythm of breathing and making the next 17 km an absolute pain. I realized I needed to shift my goal from a sub-4-hours time to “just finish” even though I didn’t feel physically exhausted.

Km 35-40 was worst, every breathtaking hurt in my chest, forcing me to walk for 10 minutes till the situation improved.

At km 40 I felt a lot better but the last 2 km seemed to take forever. Here I am taking on the last 200m before Finnish inside the Festhalle.

FM2009_KM42I ended up with a total net time of 04:43:45, you can check my results here. On the bottom is also a link that will take you to mysports.tv where you can check out short videos taken at certain milestones based on the time I passed there and also see a pace chart.

Even though it was a lot harder than I thought, it was an invaluable experience. Organization was great, the audience amazing. With better preparation (or better: preparation at all) I will take on sub 4-hours next year.

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  1. kat
    January 27, 2010 at 21:48

    Hello! I was blog-surfing and fell on your sight. I’m an American living in Sarajevo, hoping to run a marathon somewhere near in Europe in either September or October of 2010. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one- or if you have a suggestion on another one I should run instead. thanks for any insight!

    • January 28, 2010 at 10:36

      Hi, I can really recommend Frankfurt Marathon. The atmosphere created by some thousands of spectators is great, even when you reach the suburbs of Frankfurt, not to mention the view on the skyline. On the first few kilometers there are even bands playing music right next to the track to support you. The track is beautiful, you’ll see a lot of Frankfurt. It’s a mostly flat track, overall height difference is not much, however crossing the bridges can be pretty tough 🙂

      I found it to be a very well organized sports event, supplies on the track are plenty, the last few hundred meters into the Festhalle (and the finsiher party!) are awesome.
      Here’s a link to the official homepage.official homepage

      Another nice marathon (I have only been in Frankfurt but friends of mine recommend it) is certainly Berlin. Very fast track (100% flat), awesome audience and a very nice routing through all the historic parts of the city.

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