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Announcing Modelshredder/MoreLinq project merge

I have been able to conduct some effort into the modelshredder project, and after a little consultation with John Skeet I am considering merging it with the morelinq project. morelinq provides some very useful IEnumerable extensions such as ForEach to execute an Action on each element of a sequence. Since morelinq is licensed under the Apache License it will be necessary to re-license the modelshredder code (which is LGPL currently).

I think there are a lot of reasons in favor for such a project merge:

  • morelinq has excellent code documentation and test coverage
  • both projects have equal scope (IEnumerable extensions)
  • simplified deployment for adopters of both libraries (one dll)
  • broader base of maintainers/contributors
  • Silverlight support for modelshredder

I have requested a code review on the morelinq mailing list and have incorporated the suggestions made. Until my code will be ready to be merged into the morelinq code base, I will have to write some unit tests and I want to further improve code documentation. The most notable change introduced is  that modelshredder is dropping support for non-generic IEnumerables. Restricting scope to the generic IEnumerable interface makes the code a lot less complex and easier to read.

I do still have a lot of ideas for the modelshredder project and will extend it as soon as I see fit. Other than all those “future plans” for modelshredder, I have been able to fix some nasty bugs regarding invalid MSIL being generated. But I will leave that for another post.

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