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Expanding My Bookshelf

I have just updated my Bookshelf. It’s been Christmas season recently, which means I was able to add some substantial extensions to my library. First of all I got a copy of the Gang of Four (GoF) standard work “Design Patterns: Elements of reusable Object-Oriented Software”. As with Eric Evan’s book on Domain Driven Design, I am impressed by the precise style of writing they used to describe common patterns in Software. It’s been pretty handy in situations where I felt like “wait, I have seen this before, let’s do it right this time”.

My next book, “Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review” by Jason Cohen was provided for free by Smart Bear Software, the creators of CodeCollaborator a Software to help with code review. By coincidence, the book deals exactly with this matter and describes the necessary steps to introduce, execute and improve a peer code review process. A very interesting read. Thanks guys.

For Christmas I got Peter Seibel’s “Coders at Work”. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time for reading since I need to prepare for my (soon!!!) exams, so this is one of the books that will have to sit on my bookshelf unread for a while. However, I expect it to be a fun and more relaxed read than most other “tech books”.

My employer was kind enough to donate me an Amazon voucher, which I used to buy the Albahari Brother’s (the are also the creators of LINQ Pad) LINQ Pocket Reference and a book on Functional Programming with F#. Thank you very much Mrs. Leber. Even though I could just read small parts of them, they provided for an excellent bonus on understanding of the underlying principles on LINQ, which was especially handy during my work with the MoreLinq project.

I feel a little unsatisfied for having around 5 books sitting on my desk which I am half through. I’m on a very tight schedule at the moment and need to prioritize tasks relentlessly. Pretty much the same I had to do my whole last year, so I’m used to it :-). Each of those books has been a valuable support to the work I’ve done lately, so I will continue to expand my library in this and that direction, if I see the above criteria met. This leaves me realizing, how important continuous learning and expanding one’s horizon is, which is fun because the horizon is so huge and there’s always something new to discover. Kind of opposite  to what I need to do for school at the moment (fixed horizons, fixed expectations and known solutions)…

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