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Version Control Tooling List

A short list of the VCS tools I’m currently using. Maybe it’s useful for anybode else than me searching for a hint.


  • TortoiseHg (Windows), Murky (Mac OS),  Command Line only on Linux. For more complex operations (e.g. using Mercurial Queues) I do use the command line.
  • Hosting: GoogleCode, bitbucket. Bitbucket looks nicer and has a great community, google code is more reliable.


  • CommandLine only in most cases, gitk for repository browsing. GitX is great for Mac OS. Will check QGit soon.
  • Hosting: Github. (There’s no more to say).


  • SmartSVN, IDE Integration (XCode, VisualStudio(AnkhSvn), Eclipse, MonoDevelop).
  • Hosting: Supported on almost every hosting platform, Google Code wins for me with its clear UI and reliable service.

For Windows, the Tortoise(X) explorer shell integrations are a good choice, however right now I’m only using TortoiseHg as there may be some clashes when I’m using e.g. hg (for private commits) and svn on one project. As a diff/merge tool I’m using the excellent DiffMerge from SourceGear.

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