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iOS Development Continous Integration Setup

After almost a year of absence, I’m in the middle of getting back to iOS Development. Since my departure from the Apple ranch, a lot has changed and new developer tools have emerged. Professional software development has become significantly easier on this platform, but I feel the tooling still isn’t on par with what other ecosystems provide.

Nonetheless, where there’s will there’s a way. In this Series of posts, I’m going to outline the setup I’m currently running. I’ll point to resources that helped me along the way and will describe how to combine the pieces to make it all fit together. I don’t plan publishing in any particular order and since business goes first, I am going to write when I find the time for it.

All posts of the series will be put into the category iOS Continous Integration Series, which also is the best place to find them.

The setup will consist of:
The Dev’s Private Cloud (aka a HyperV Server) hosting:
– Teamcity CI Server
– Build Agents
– Mercurial via hgweb.cgi

Kiwi for Acceptance Testing
OCMock as Isolation framework
GCov for Code Coverage

Planned Posts:

Running Ubuntu Server in HyperVi
Setting up a TeamCity Server on Ubuntu
Setting up a Mercurial Server
iOS Testing Frameworks revisited
Running OCUnit on a build agent
Connecting OCUnit to Teamcity
Integrating OCMock
Using Kiwi for Acceptance Testing
Retrieving Coverage information with GCov
XCode Alternatives

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