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Frankfurt Marathon 2009

November 5, 2009 2 comments

0n 25th of October 2009 I have finished my first Marathon (42,195 Km).

After retiring from rowing after 2009 Season in July, I decided to try Triathlon for the next year. I knew I’d be going crazy without sports, you just can’t stop it after 5 years of daily training. For Triathlon I bought a nice De Rosa racing bike, so biking and strength training was what I did since  I took off 4 weeks to decompress.

I didn’t intend to run the Frankfurt Marathon this year, but rather run my first Marathon in early 2010 and do the “half-Ironman” at Wiesbaden in summer 2010 when I will be just out of school. It turns out my uncle had registered for Frankfurt Marathon 2009 but couldn’t start for health reasons, so he asked me if I wanted to take over his registration. That was on the weekend before. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it, my last running exercises where almost a year ago and I hadn’t done much endurance training the last few weeks. So exactly 7 days before start, I tested the half-marathon and was able to pass under 2 hours easily. That gave me confidence to agree on starting at Frankfurt Marathon 2009.

FM2009_StartI was confident enough to target a time sub 4 hours. I passed km 21 exactly at 01:59:00, meeting my fan club.FM2009_KM21FM2009_Fans

I was perfectly on schedule and feeling well considering the circumstances. But after crossing the Main down at Frankfurt Höchst (800m long bridge, 15m absolute difference in height) I felt a sudden pain in the back, breaking my rhythm of breathing and making the next 17 km an absolute pain. I realized I needed to shift my goal from a sub-4-hours time to “just finish” even though I didn’t feel physically exhausted.

Km 35-40 was worst, every breathtaking hurt in my chest, forcing me to walk for 10 minutes till the situation improved.

At km 40 I felt a lot better but the last 2 km seemed to take forever. Here I am taking on the last 200m before Finnish inside the Festhalle.

FM2009_KM42I ended up with a total net time of 04:43:45, you can check my results here. On the bottom is also a link that will take you to where you can check out short videos taken at certain milestones based on the time I passed there and also see a pace chart.

Even though it was a lot harder than I thought, it was an invaluable experience. Organization was great, the audience amazing. With better preparation (or better: preparation at all) I will take on sub 4-hours next year.

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